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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sharing Digitized Content for Learning

Current Software Development Culture -
Demand of latest tecnology skills which are not taught in any
institutes. The large gap between the skills available and the lack
of those skills is training. People are not ready to take time to teach
the new talent the required technologies or skills.

Digital Study Hall -
Skilled teachers in rural areas. DSH rural schools, hiring highly
educated teachers for their work. Digitising education content which
is produced by hubs. Video content is used to stimulate the class
with the help of a facilitator to teach the rural classes at elementary level

We have a call to create technical content , we as in professionals who
have come to understand technologies or software. It would help some one
new to the technology if knowledge is shared in the form of tutorials-as-videos.
Community Courseware editing system - - is being used here.

Interesting stuff happening in the community - eg. -
Now your online contribution and profile is your portfolio or resume to
further your career.

Freeman has a where he plans to collaborate with
potential contributors .

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