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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

iPhone development

I've just acquired a beautiful white macbook ! Checking out the objective-c Lang for creating some cool apps for iPhone. Hope to check out android aswell shortly.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Demo Camp

There is a lightning round of 5 minute demos from various startup companies. Although its a bit noisy out here due to the feverish excitement, the demos keep appearing one after another. A lot of demo registrations and they're all Web 2.0 space.

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Thanks to timely Aletha, I've finally planned and decided to attend the BarCamp (2nd Anniversary) at Social Text, Palo Alto. There is a lot of expectations building up considering they have about 900 registrations. BlogCampBlock says that they are only prepared for about 300 campers, which in itself is a large no. The last Barcamp that I've seen had a max of 50 attendees.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Flex Camp

Currently attending live flex barcamp at Adobe, SFO. Hardly can keep up with the excitement flowing through all the participants. Makes a real intresting place for networking.

There is great pizza's being served for all those who are hungry or want to energize with a beer. The first 2 presenters were basically about startup companies who have built their product entirely using flex -
1. www.
All about creating an online book. The experience of using the application was fabulous.

Ever wondered if you could create an online presentation , well sliderocket does just that with style.
Next presenter is from Adobe Products section giving a cool demo on how different products like illustrator,fireworks or flash can be easily integarted with flex.

A simple illustration about using Skins and changing the look and feel of the buttons and other containers can be done with ease.
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Web 2.0 and PHP

Amit started by invoking everyone to reflect on
what do we mean by Web 2.0 ?

What are the tools needed to develop Web2.0 app ?
html,js,server tools(PHP/Perl/Python/Java/etc).

Why are people using PHP ?
Amazon and Yahoo are the biggest consumer of PHP, why !

Lower h/w req which helps scale faster.
Faster to learn - which makes it easy to write bad code aswell.

A lot of reflection so far
And a lot more debate on this aswell

Trying to understand how to use PHP at enterprise level development.
Zend Framework has been released thats Good News .

PHP Frameworks for Web 2.0
- code igniter
- joomla
- cakephp
- symfony
- zend framework

Howto Design Firefox Addon

Vinod has a filler session on Firefox addons development which
began 2 weeks back as a developers itch. has the required information about firefox addon
development. Java script is the core language for designing the plugin.

Plugin extension has the format as .xpi
We require to unzip the file after download to view the code.

Typical extension layout -
install.rdf - installation and setup instructions.
chrome.manifest - defines the content to be installed.
chrome manager - where all chromes are registered.

Actual code is written in .js (java script) files.
If you have an idea about java script , coding plugins would be
pretty straightforward.

For debugging purposes use Firebug to test and fix bugs in the
plugin. Show Chrome errors option needs to be turned on to
catch faults in the code.

Once you are ready use the standard steps mentioned to package
the plugin as a .xpi file. Would require to include certain installer
javascript file which is needed to install the code on firefox.

Piggy Bank Architecture helps integrate java applications as browser
plugins aswell. So enjoy pugin development.