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Friday, July 27, 2007

Flex Camp

Currently attending live flex barcamp at Adobe, SFO. Hardly can keep up with the excitement flowing through all the participants. Makes a real intresting place for networking.

There is great pizza's being served for all those who are hungry or want to energize with a beer. The first 2 presenters were basically about startup companies who have built their product entirely using flex -
1. www.
All about creating an online book. The experience of using the application was fabulous.

Ever wondered if you could create an online presentation , well sliderocket does just that with style.
Next presenter is from Adobe Products section giving a cool demo on how different products like illustrator,fireworks or flash can be easily integarted with flex.

A simple illustration about using Skins and changing the look and feel of the buttons and other containers can be done with ease.
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