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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Web 2.0 and PHP

Amit started by invoking everyone to reflect on
what do we mean by Web 2.0 ?

What are the tools needed to develop Web2.0 app ?
html,js,server tools(PHP/Perl/Python/Java/etc).

Why are people using PHP ?
Amazon and Yahoo are the biggest consumer of PHP, why !

Lower h/w req which helps scale faster.
Faster to learn - which makes it easy to write bad code aswell.

A lot of reflection so far
And a lot more debate on this aswell

Trying to understand how to use PHP at enterprise level development.
Zend Framework has been released thats Good News .

PHP Frameworks for Web 2.0
- code igniter
- joomla
- cakephp
- symfony
- zend framework


Priyank said...

all the posts are fantabulous. I should admit that barcamp was a great event and your thoughts were very good.. have you tried creating firefox plugins?

Anthony said...

No Priyank not yet ... But yes would like to create one some time.