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Friday, July 6, 2007

2D / 3D Game Development

Rakesh ( introduced the idea of Casual games using
a flash which works everywhere ie. desktop,web etc.

He gave a demo of a hidden objects game - Beach Spy -
which they plan on porting to flash 9 due to release of some
new features eg. JIT compiler & scene graphs.

They are also combining games with 'Video Ads' which
appear when a hidden object is found.

The easter egg of the meeting was a 3D framework called Torque Engine (

Game development with Torque is quite simple , without much coding.
They require to work on customization and layout related stuff.
Any changes to the logic is usually done using Torque scripting.

The games could be made to run with Xbox aswell.
All the components/tools for the landscape, charaters, theme etc.
are provided just like lego blocks . The gaming developer has to
work on challenges and concepts for the game using the tools.

He gave a demo of a simple Aztec era game. Where the goal was
to shoot down the approaching figures with a cross bow.
Although the arrows kept missing the target we probably understood
the whole point of the demo.

Torque Game Engine has the required components which can be reused
with simple changes. Also the software is cost effective compared to other
commercial tools. There is a full commercial version for about $100 available
with source code. A 30 day trial version is also available.

A good question was about game development in the mobile market.
Currently Flash has almost 90 % of the market in this area. A large market
to penetrate for other gaming tools.

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