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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Open Source for Entrepreneurs

Listening to a Open Source development model open source s/w in retail , sme etc.
for experienced or freshers interested in being enterpreuners.

The model followed uses teams having people interseted in working for themselves.

Technologies : erp, openlazlo etc.
Standard Billing rates : 40-60$ per/hr.
Clients : SMEs
Incubation period : Defined for each open source project team.

Salary packages offered are on par with industry. In addition revenue
upto 20 % of the billing gets shared with employees.
Minimum salary or Revenue Sharing which ever is higher.

Clients : Companies who require to implement projects without having to bother about
setup and maintenance cost for infrastructure etc.

They are planning on introducing the idea of opensource
coorperative for software development in the retail segment.

Paritosh Pungaliya & Ajay Sanghni have presented an idea that most entrepeuners
would love to hear .

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